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Keep it clean – the search for the perfect ‘white’

0 Posted on September 19, 2012inVN Blog

I keep getting asked to recommend a ‘nice’ white. You see, the white three-layer-pearl colours on some new car always seem to have a yellow tinge on the angle, whereas people want a nice clean finish. So I locked myself in the NSW Training Centre and started experimenting. With plenty of curves, as well as flat surfaces to show off the light and dark areas, VE Commodore front guards made excellent test panels.

After trying different combinations of PPG products I had a result – Wow! It’s a nice clean white and when the light hits it, man, you get a real ‘flash’! I started with T400 White Tinter from the Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat system - you could also use a white tinter from PPG's Deltron GRS solvent-borne paint system - and then did something unconventional with Flamboyance from the Vibrance Collection. Instead of adding the Flamboyance ‘White’ flakes to a basecoat binder, I put it in the clearcoat. Flamboyance has quite big flakes but because the clearcoat is nice and thick, they spread evenly and sit nicely in the layer. My recipe has 12 grams of flake per 100ml of un-catalysed clearcoat but I like a lot of ‘bling’. You could easily tone it down a bit by adjusting the amount of flake to, say, 8 grams per 100ml. Feel free to give it a try – I’m planning to paint a motorcycle tank with it shortly.

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