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Tail Spin: Metal Work – ‘Playing The Percentages’

0 Posted on February 16, 2015inGeneral, Members, VN Blog

When admiring the perfectly flat bodywork and highly polished, killer paintjob on a show car, people generally don’t realise the effort that’s gone into achieving it. It begins with getting the metal work as close to perfect as possible. After all, it’s called metal work for a reason – it’s done with metal, not filler!

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Tail Spin project – Heavenly body design, with Howard Astill

0 Posted on November 27, 2014inGeneral, VN Blog, Website

Apart from being a radical idea – never before done in Australia – one big issue with doing the Tail Spin bodywork is that we’re trying to stay true to the original concept drawing which is just in two dimensions and only shows the car from one angle!

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Summernats time!

0 Posted on February 28, 2013inVN Blog

I love early January because that’s Summernats time! This year it was seriously hot everyday at Canberra’s Exhibition Park but there were record numbers of entrants and I always enjoy my time there as one of the judging panel.

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Green with envy

0 Posted on November 02, 2012inVN Blog

When it comes to finishing the build of a custom car or hot rod, even someone with the massive experience of Howard Astill faces the same dilemma…

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Keep it clean – the search for the perfect ‘white’

0 Posted on September 19, 2012inVN Blog

Which white is right?

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