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PPG colours set the trend at Summernats 28

0 Posted on January 27, 2015inGeneral, Members, Website

Any New Year’s hangovers were swiftly set aside as the Australian capital resonated to the roar of high octane horsepower being unleashed to mark the arrival of the annual Summernats car festival (1st – 4th January 2015). With almost 2000 vehicles on display, even mid-30ºCs temperatures didn’t deter the crowds with over 100,000 street machine fans visiting the 70 hectare Exhibition Park in Canberra. For the 28th running of the iconic event, PPG was once again a proud supporter, as well as operating one of the most popular trade stands on site. PPG’s Tony Naughton (NSW Business Development Manager) has made the annual pilgrimage to Summernats for many years, both as an enthusiast and as a member of the PPG Team, and he says it never fails to redline the excitement level.

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Tail Spin project – Heavenly body design, with Howard Astill

0 Posted on November 27, 2014inGeneral, VN Blog, Website

Apart from being a radical idea – never before done in Australia – one big issue with doing the Tail Spin bodywork is that we’re trying to stay true to the original concept drawing which is just in two dimensions and only shows the car from one angle!

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Protecting Bare Metal – Howard Astill

0 Posted on August 29, 2014inGeneral, Website

The most common question I get asked is ‘how do you keep bare metal from rusting’ during a project, such as Tail Spin? Bare steel that’s left exposed to oxygen and moisture will rust so we need to take a number of steps to minimise it. It’s difficult to keep the vehicle away from oxygen but you can avoid moisture by keeping it in a dry location. A conventional steel shed is a start but my workshop is also insulated and lined to prevent condensation inside. In the summer I use a reverse cycle air-conditioner to take the moisture out of the air.

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Getting the Dollars Right Makes Sense

0 Posted on June 30, 2014inGeneral, Website

Behind the killer looks, deep, rich paintwork and fanatical attention to detail on an elite show car is something you can’t see but is actually the most crucial aspect – planning! Without detailed planning, the current project to build one the most outlandish and unique custom cars ever seen in Australia, dubbed ‘Tailspin’, could easily have ended up in a tailspin.

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