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Tail Spin project: Colour styling – the innovative theme continues

0 Posted on February 29, 2016

Given its ultra radical design, average colours were never going to cut it on the Tail Spin project – the team went looking for the extraordinary and found it in PPG’s VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom paint finishes.

As the priming stage came to an end, it was time to choose the colours that would really bring Tail Spin to life – this is a ground-breaking car so it demanded some very special colours to complete it. The owners, Kylie and Adam, trusted Howard (Astill) and I to develop and select the three colours so we set to work.

To begin with we set certain guidelines. As well as working well together, the colours had to look superb under all different lighting situations – that means outside in natural sunlight, undercover in the shade and under all sorts of artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lighting. And, while we definitely wanted the colours to be innovative, we also wanted them to have a long ‘shelf life’ – not be here today and gone tomorrow. Finally, we also wanted colours that looked right at home with the era and style of this classic, but radically modified, FB Holden.

After a lot of trial and error, we settled on a mixture of PPG products that incorporate some really new pigment technologies – Crystallance™ glass flake custom colours from the Vibrance Collection and coloured aluminiums from the DELTRON® refinish system. There is a greeny gold as the main body colour, dark green for the engine bay, suspension and brake components and a contrasting red for the interior and drivetrain components. The common factor is that every colour includes glass flake pigments which means that, under light, all three colours reflect in the same way. When the finished car is unveiled mid-year at Motorex I’m sure you’ll agree these colours have a real wow factor!

As it reaches its final stages you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news on the Tail Spin project on Facebook.

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