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Summernats time!

0 Posted on February 28, 2013inVN Blog

I love early January because that’s Summernats time! This year it was seriously hot everyday at Canberra’s Exhibition Park but there were record numbers of entrants and I always enjoy my time there as one of the judging panel. One thing I noticed was a drop off in custom paint creativity – no one seemed to be prepared to take a risk and, say, mix in some graphics, or do something different which stood-out.

Having said that, the quality of finish in the standard paint scene was really good and, overall, it seems that vehicle customizers are returning to a more practical style of building. At one point it got into this artwork / sculpting type scenario, with extreme modifications and budgets, which was just too unrealistic. I think coming back to more subtle modifications is actually attracting more people back to customizing.

One thing that always amazes me about the Summernats is the passion people have for their cars, no matter what level they’re competing at. For many it’s their life – they’re so proud of their cars and it still blows me away!

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