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Plan to Succeed

0 Posted on June 23, 2014

Behind the killer looks, deep, rich paintwork and fanatical attention to detail on an elite show car is something you can’t see but is actually the most crucial aspect – planning! Without detailed planning, the current project to build one the most outlandish and unique custom cars ever seen in Australia, dubbed ‘Tailspin’, could easily have ended up in a tailspin.

The radical design essentially involves taking an FB Holden and switching the front to the back and the back to the front! Owners, Adam and Kylie Perry, enlisted custom vehicle specialist, Howard Astill from Astill Design, to help plan the complex project to keep it on track and on budget. Howard says he uses the same planning process for any new customer.

 “The first thing I do is get some basic details – what sort of car and what do they want to do with it. Building a show car, rather than a weekend cruiser, is going to cost a lot more but there are many other considerations. For a start, choosing the wrong type of car will definitely affect how it performs on the show scene. And, because there are so many different shows and categories with different judging criteria these days, you need decide early which event and which level you want to tackle because that significantly affects the build.

 “You even need to consider what you’ll do with the car once it’s finished on the show circuit. Generally, a single purpose show car has less value than a car which can be registered and driven afterwards. For instance, part of the brief for Tailspin was that it had to be registerable in NSW which meant getting an engineer involved before we even started. Because of that we then needed to be very clever from a design point of view in order to meet the elite level judging criteria. It may seem like a hassle but getting some expert advice to plan your project in detail before you start can save a lot of heartache and expensive mistakes later on.”

 Whether you’re looking to build a top level custom car or a hot rod or street machine for weekend cruises, it’s vital to get expert support to plan the project before you even lift a tool, says John Hristias, PPG Business Support Specialist Asia / Pacific.

 “Whatever vehicle you’re doing, you need to have the right people involved from the start. That’s why PPG has partnered with Vibrance Network members and other high quality custom vehicle specialist across the region. We value these partnerships because it gives us the confidence to send people to any one of them and know they will be put on the right path to bring their dream to reality.”

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