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Painting is not a drag!

0 Posted on July 20, 2012inVN Blog

After a week spent in Shanghai, China, melting in 37 °C heat as I showed regional staff new products and then assessing them on waterborne knowledge and skill, I had the perfect therapy – painting Sean Mifsud’s new drag car. Primer was first (DP4000 applied Wet-On-Wet in G3 spectral grey), followed by Vibrance Liquid Crystal ‘O-So-Orange’ using VWM5556 Waterborne Midcoat. It lets us combine the Envirobase HP waterborne system with Vibrance Collection finishes and, in this case, I added a twist by including some Flamboyance ‘Gold’ and ‘Red’ flake. Then I topped it off with D8120 Clearcoat applied with a superfine 1.1 spray gun set-up. The bumpers are ‘Chrome Shadow’ and the bonnet is done in Envirobase HP ‘Jet Black’ with D8113 Matt Clearcoat over the top. To give it a more satin finish I added a percentage of D8122 CermiClear to the D8113 formulation. Sean’s new car is now finished and it looks awesome!!

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