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Green with envy

0 Posted on November 02, 2012inVN Blog

When it comes to finishing the build of a custom car or hot rod, even someone with the massive experience of Howard Astill (the multi-award winning founder of custom project management service, Astill Design) faces the same dilemma. What colour and paint finish do I choose? With his current project, a Ford XB Falcon GT, Howard has unpicked every panel, realigned them, removed rust and repaired where necessary and it’s time to add colour.

I went to look at the car and meet with Howard and the boyz from Vibrance Network member, Exclusive Customs, who are painting the car for him. Howard’s idea was to base the colour on the original factory green but that was a challenge because it was an old formulation that used old pigment technology. What we needed was a green that fitted the theme of the era but was fresher and more interesting. One of the beauties of PPG’s paint systems is compatibility. That meant we could choose from standard GRS formulations, as well as adding special effects from the Vibrance Collection. The result is a ‘green’ that perfectly fits the criteria for this customised ‘70s muscle car – old-school with a modern, exciting twist! For an example, check out the photo opposite and keep an eye out for Howard’s latest creation when it’s finally unveiled.

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